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We carry many products that will enhance aspects of every horse’s life. Contact us, we are here to help with your horses personal needs.

Some of our products include:

  • BASIC Brand – Psyllium husks, Chaste tree berry, Calminex, Vitamin E, and more

  • PEGASUS Brand – Magnesium Oxide, Horse mineral, Pre & ProBiotics, Hemp seed oil and more.

  • PURICA Brand  – Recovery Extra strength & Regular, Vegan MSM and more.

  • SALTEC & SIFTO & REDMOND ROCK Brand – Blocks, licks and loose salts available.

  • Camelina oil & Milled Flax

  • PURINA Equine supplements available as well.

Pro Pac dog foods, Lamb & Rice , Large Breed, sensitive & senior

Purina Equine Supplements

Just ask us-we’re here to help you choose the right minerals and supplements that will best complement your horse’s complete nutritional program.

Bridles & Bits & More – Okanagan Hay Sales

Horse Tack, Saddles, Accessories, Helmets, Footwear, Feed, Equestrian Apparel, Timothy Hay, Orchard Grass, Alfalfa, Straw, and Barn Supplies.