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Equine Feeds:

  • Ration Balancer MD & Lite

  • Equi-cal

  • Mature Text & Pellets

  • Beet Pulp & Beet Shreds

  • Fiber max pellet

  • Soy Hull pellets

  • Pegasus 16% Cool Crunch Horse Cubes

  • Milled flax seed 

  • Timothy Pellets

  • Timothy/Alfalfa cubes

  • Alfalfa cubes & pellets

  • Purina feeds

  • C.O.B. (corn, oats & barley), rolled in molasses

Lifeline Horse Equine Feeds

Otter Co-op operates a modern feed manufacturing facility and manufactures state of the art feed products. Our alliances with industry experts continue to assist us in developing the LifeLine Premium Horse Feed program. Otter Co-op is a member owned and operated company that has served the residents of British Columbia for over 90 years. This has enabled Otter Co-op to incorporate the latest horse feed & livestock feeds technology and research into products and provides its customers with unrivaled technical support.

Lifeline Horse Feed

Otter Co-op Lifeline bagged livestock feed:

  • Dairy text

  • Hog pellets

  • Sheep text

  • Goat text

  • Rabbit Pellets

  • Layer pellets

  • Duck & Goose pellets

  • Broiler/Turkey pellets

  • Chicken crumble (Starter & Maintenance)

  • Hen scratch

  • Oyster shell

  • Dried Mealworms

  • Cracked Corn

  • C.O.B. (corn, oats & barley), rolled in molasses

Just ask our knowledgeable staff any questions you have about equine and livestock grains and feeds-we will be happy to help.

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