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Ariat Boots

The name Ariat  is synonymous with quality and excellent workmanship, so it’s no wonder they’re perennial favourites with equestrians. The Ariat brand is an extremely popular all-around boot, loved by riders and non-riders alike for their durability, comfort, versatility, and style.

Just some of the brands that we carry:

  • Ariat

  • Moretta

  • Mountain Horse

  • Tuffrider

  • HKM and BR Boots

Horse Riding Footwear

In addition to Ariats, we carry many other name-brand boots, including:

Men’s English Boots

English Boots:

  • Full line of Arait Paddock boots & Half chaps

  • TuffRider Ladies and Children’s Paddock boots & Child’s field boots
  • Ovation Half chaps
  • Moretta field boots
  • BR field boots
  • Mountain horse field boots in Winter & regular

  • Mountain Horse winter paddock boot

Western Boots:

  • Men’s & ladies square toe cowboy boot
  • Infamous Ariat Fat Babies

  • Ariat Terrain waterproof endurance boot

  • Men’s CSA Workhogs

  • Various children’s styles in cowboy boots

Western Cowboy Boots
HKM Riding Boots

Casual Footwear:

  • HKM All weather boot

  • BR Barn boot

  • Mudster Barn boots Tall & Short

  • Seasonal options with limited stock including slippers and stylish shoes.

  • We also carry: socks, replacement laces, boot jacks, boot scrubbers & boot care products.

Most styles are available either in black or cordovan (rich dark brown). Our boot selection is always growing, and you’d be hard-pressed to beat our competitive prices! Give us a call-our knowledgeable staff will help you put your best foot forward.

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