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Here’s a sampling of what we carry:

In addition to First Mate we offer the balanced nutrition of Pro Pac

  • Beastie Brush: as the makers say, “Animal Care with a Flair!” Funky brushes in bright, one-of-a-kind colours (no two brushes are alike in a box). Available in adult and junior sizes.

  • The Original Grooma: always-popular rubber groomer

  • Jelly Scrubber: a soft rubber groomer that provides a massage effect. One side is coarse; the other fine. Available in many colours

  • Plastic and rubber curry combs: available in adult and junior sizes

  • Goat hair brushes: very soft-great for people too! Available in junior and adult sizes

  • Dandy brushes: available in adult and junior sizes

  • Shedding blade: an ingenious reversible design – loop it together for a shedding blade, then unhook it and use the other side as a water scraper, taking excess water from horse’s post-bathing coat

  • Brush caddies – to conveniently store and organize all your brushes and grooming supplies

  • Mane combs

  • Tail combs

  • Grooming mitts

Horse Beastie Brush

The variety and sheer volume of horse brushes available on the market cover such scope and magnitude

We could go on forever about which style brush is best for what type of grooming. But choosing the right tools is about personal preference as well as addressing specific grooming requirements.

We encourage the budding equestrians in your family to help out with the chores, and we offer many of our brushes in “junior” sizes for smaller hands!


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