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Take your vitamins! To optimize your horse’s health and performance, we highly recommend adding minerals and supplements to their regular diets. We carry many top brand names and products that will enhance aspects of every horse’s life, whether it be a lactating mare, a temperamental stallion, or a dear “old timer” with special nutritional needs.

Some of our products include:

  • Custom Fit Stabilized Rice Bran – formulated for weight gain and coat condition. This wonderful product adds calories without excessive grain intake, has a balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus, provides essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, and eliminates the inconvenience of feeding liquid fat supplements (such as corn oil)
  • Psyllium husk, & Chaste tree berries – many different herbal blends available, including a chamomile blend to calm excitable horses, a fenugreek blend to stimulate weight gain, and an Echinacea blend to boost the immune system
  • Milled EquineFlax for added Omega 3
  • Renewal – a pharmaceutical-grade powder containing glucosamine, MSM, and Vitamin E for joints. Promotes healthy tissue repair and healthy coat and hooves
  • Recovery EQ –  How it helps – Increases the structural integrity of connective tissue structures and maintains optimum tissue hydration It also improves recovery rates, protects against injury, increases tissue repair, neutralizes lactic acid build up & halts pain & modulates inflammation
  • Recovery EQ Extra strength – This formula is exactly the same as Recovery EQ but with the addition of 100mg. of Hyaluronic acid. Benefits are improved inflammation modulating properties, additional lubricating properties, essential to synovial fluid. (For more information Click here)
  • Dr. Reed’s Equine Minerals – Formulas I and II (For more information Click here)
  • Salt: Iodized, cobalt & trace mineral available in 2 kg. licks or 20 kg. blocks
  • Loose salt available by special order

Just ask us-we’re here to help you choose the right minerals and supplements that will best complement your horse’s complete nutritional program.