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Here’s the bad news: Worms, bots, and other parasitic infections are sometimes a part of life for a horse, and therefore, by proxy, the horse’s owner-as it’s you who must deal with it. All parasitic infections should be treated promptly and efficiently to ensure the horse’s long-term health and quality of life.

Now here’s the good news: We have a selection of deworming products to effectively treat varying degrees of severity, while taking into consideration the age and health of your horse. Three of the most popular are:

  • Quest Dewormer: moxidectin oral gel – heavy-duty treatment for infections due to internal parasites
  • Panomec: ivermectin paste – kills 31 species and stages of worms and bots in one dose
  • Strongid P: pyrantel pamoate oral paste – highly palatable caramel flavour, and very safe-it’s suitable for pregnant mares and foals over 8 weeks of age

There are a host of effective treatments for parasitic infections available on the market. Our staff will be able to help you find the deworming product that is right for your horse.